The Best News Apps for iPhone and Android

Hello my fellow news junkies. Welcome back on my blog. Without a doubt modern technology has changed the way how we consume and deal with news. We are now free to decide for ourself which news are relevant to us.
But nowadays are so many sites available delivering news. And keeping track of all of it can be really tedious. So that's why I decided to tell you about my favourite news apps for iPhone and Android so you will always know what is going on in this world.


Feedly is a free RRS-style news aggregator which allows you to create your own news feeds based on different websites. The process is quite simple. You just pick a news source by searching various topics you like and add them to your personal news feed. Once you start the app, it fetches all the new content automatically and adds it to your feed.


The main advantage of this app: you have total control over where you get your news from. Furthermore the allows you to create categories for your news. This way you can manage multiple feeds easily. You even can bookmark articles or save them for later reading. Feedly also integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest and LinkedIn for social sharing.


Flipboard is another free RSS-style based news app. It has been around for quite a while and currently is one of the most popular news apps especially for Android Smartphones. By the way. Here is a great website where you can buy cheap and second-hand ones:

In comparison to Feedly, it offers, in my opinion, better features for customization. It is often referred to as a "digital magazine" with its large images and page turning graphics. It is kind of less boring then the "ordinary" RSS-apps. It makes reading news a real pleasure.


In Flipboard you can also search different resources and add them to you personal news feed. And it is also possible to save articles for later viewing. It also includes hundreds of publications and offers an enormous amount of topics. And make sure you check out the “trending stories” on the start page.

Due to it's layout, this app is also suitable for any tablet, whether if it is iOS or Andriod. If you don't owe one, you can get cheap and used ones for sale on

The Guardian

Without a doubt The Guardian ( is on of the most respected news source which covers a wide variety of topics. It delivers national and international news as well as latest news on current events, sports, technology, and politics. It will definitely keep you informed on the latest breaking news around the world.

The Guardien

The app is very well done, easy to navigate and enriched with video and audio content. You can save articles for off-line reading. It also provides tools to read, write and share comments. Furthermore, if you sign via Google or Facebook, you can customize a personal landing-page and follow your favourite critics and columnists. This way you are always on top of the news and stories you care about the most.
There is also a premium version available where you can get crossword puzzles, extra content, and an ad-free experience.

So these are my favourite news apps so far. Make sure you give them a try. And if you are looking for more apps or accessories for your smartphone or tablet, make sure you check out They offer a great variety of new and second-hand models as well.