Cash Register Options

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post so far guys and are keen to keep updated with my blog. I’ll be trying to keep the content flowing as frequently as a I can over the coming months now that Christmas is out the way and things have settled down a bit. So you may remember from one of my earlier posts that me and my wife were looking into starting a mobile catering business but we were deciding whether to go for it and if so, what kind of van we’d buy. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that we are going ahead with it, the house is all sold and we have a nice big van that’s perfect for what we need. It has a sleeping quarters at the front of the van which is ample big enough for us. We’ve also bought a big awning that we’ll use in-between work time when we’ve got a few days to pitch-up somewhere and relax. Otherwise, living in those confines all the time might get a little too much. Luckily we have a lot of family and friends who we can stay with here and there depending on which neighbourhood we’re in.

We may decide that down the line this doesn’t work for us and we want a permanent home to live in but we’ve both got that travel bug inside us and we’re sick of settling in one place doing the same thing every day. Opening this mobile catering business will give us the freedom to travel around, visit new places and hopefully still allow us to save some money for an overseas trip here and there.

Old Cash Registers

Well now we’ve recapped a bit and I’ve got you up to speed, I thought I’d talk about something that we’re currently looking at whilst we’re getting the van ready and preparing our business plan. We don’t just want to be keeping our money in plastic tubs and writing everything on a bit of paper, we want to try and be as professional as possible. We’ve therefore been looking at what cash register options there are on the market. We’ve got a decent space inside the van for the kitchen area and there’s space at the end for a cash register but I’m not entirely convinced we want one of those old fashioned, big, bulky cash registers. Surely these days there’s other solutions that are better and give you more functionality. Well I started things off by looking at second-hand cash registers anyway just to see if there was a bargain to be made. I looked at used cash registers for sale and found some bargains to be fair. I’m looking at one on auction right now but keeping my options open whilst I see how the auction goes. In the meantime, I thought I’d explore some of the other solutions.

Alternative Solutions

So below I’ve listed a few of the alternative solutions I’ve been looking at, I’m sure there’s a lot more out there but these were the few that I’ve been considering as an option for our mobile business.


POSE is a cloud-based software. You can do all the key things like ring-up sales, generate sales reports or manage stock/inventory. The cool thing I liked, is that you can send receipts via text or email with links to your Facebook page or Twitter account for example. Not sure this benefits us at the stage we’re at and the kind of business we have but it is a cool way of attracting attention to your businesses page. There’s an iPad app on the way so that would be handy as we both own iPad’s. It costs the equivalent of about $50 a month if you want to setup an online store but could be worth the investment, especially with unlimited inventory.


This is great as a dedicated iPad register for retail shops as long as they have fewer than 270 items in their stock list. Like with the POSE, you can create an online store. The POSE only allows one user but has unlimited inventory, this is capped at 270 items but you can have unlimited users. The cost is comparable to the POSE option.


This is really easy to use software and allows you to carry out a large range of functions. Something I didn’t mention about the above options is the add-ons available. They all have similar add-ons to the ERPLY such as cash drawers, bar-code scanners, credit card terminals, and mini-printers. To subscribe with ERPLY, it’s about $70 a month but you can use with Android or iPad with full features and you get two registers, two users and an inventory of 50,000 items if needed.

Undecided what to go for here. Do we tie ourselves in with a subscription fee? Is it worth the money? I’d personally like to start with something like this as we are now in a new age of technology and should embrace it, especially if we can keep track of our numbers better. This website lists pretty much the whole range of electronic POS cash register system available. Let me know what you think.