CV Workshop Part 2

Hi guys and gals, it’s Anthony again, as promised, with more great tips on building your CV.  Last time we talked about cutting out superlatives and over inflammatory language, as well as up talking your skills learnt throughout life if you don’t have much work experience and how you used those skills exactly. Here are my tips for today:


  1. Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for. Yes, this takes a little tweaking but it is worth the effort – trust me! If you are applying for a hospitality job talk about your customer service skills, book keeping, coffee making etc and downplay the time you spent watercress picking in freezing conditions and virtually solitary confinement. Now, if you are applying for a job as a research assistant on Mt. Everest you may want to up talk the latter. You get my point, right?
  2. Decide what is most important to the employer, your education or your work experience? Trust me, most employers barely get into the first page of most CVs so you need to grab their attention as soon as possible. If a masters in microbiology is the first requirement they list in the job spec then mention this early. Mention it in your profile. If a degree or other qualifications are a ‘desirable’ requirement then the employer is clearly more interested in your work experience, your attitude or, most likely, both. You need to show them, from the very top of the page, that you are the person for the job.
  3. Use a clear structure throughout your CV. Bullet point your skills, have a clear profile about yourself at the top and keep the running order of things the same. For example, if you listed your education in reverse chronological order then do the same with your work history.


I’m busy with interviews so I have to leave it here again, sadly. But, fear not, I’ll be back very soon with more CV writing tips and advice.