Germany to Abandon Previous Convictions for Homosexuality

 Hello everyone, welcome. This is my new and media blog where I cover all the biggest stories on the news and social media. Today the story that I chose is about Germany, and how they are finally coming into the 21st century and abolishing their longstanding anti-homosexuality laws. Paragraph 175 was adopted in 1871, and strengthened massively during the Nazi regime. It was taken off the books in 1994 but any previously convicted ‘felons’ have been held in jail up to this point. Now the men are being released, with anyone who had been convicted receiving a paltry sum of three thousand Euros. 

The legislation still discriminates against gay men by having an age of consent 2 years older than that for hetrosexuals. This means that any man who had previously been arrested for having sex with boys aged 14 or 15 will not receive any compensation or have their convictions quashed. The German Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency stated that it would have been fair and right to apply an identical age for hetrosexual couples and homosexual couples, and that this caveat is extremely regrettable. 

The Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany has said the move returned a small amount of dignity to those who had been prosecuted under the barbaric rule. Unfortunately the compensation is so small in regards to the indignities that these poor men have faced, and after seeing as it took so long for this announcement I do not see a change to the compensation happening anytime soon.