Getting Scholarships

Getting Scholarships

Good evening everyone, welcome back to another bost in my News and Media blog. I was looking at a website for buying cheap electronics/clothes and whatnot and saw that they are offering a scholarship! This was exciting to me as my brother is graduating this year and he will need all the help he can get to make it into a post secondary institution. This is a fairly easy one to apply for, all you must do it write a short essay about himself. Some scholarships can be very exclusive but this one seems really good for anyone looking for that little bit of a boost in their university schooling. Even if I convince him to apply for this and he gets it, I will still try and get him to apply for more.

Scholarship Application

Apply, Apply, Apply

The most important thing to remember when applying for scholarships is to just apply for them. Even if you don’t exactly fall into the correct category, apply anyways! I had a classmate (single white male with no kids) who was awarded a scholarship meant for single black mothers. He was awarded the scholarship because no one else applied and it happens more often than you would think. Especially when it comes to smaller scholarships ( not monetarily smaller) then there will usually be less exposure meaning less people applying. You want to take the same approach you would to making money online and just put yourself out there.

Apply for a Scholarship

Talk Yourself Up

A lot of the time when people sit down to write something about themselves, they are very pessimistic. That’s why it can be very, very important to have someone look at your cover letter/scholarship letter(they are pretty much identical after university) to help you spice it up. For example, I used to work at a computer store/repair centre. Instead of just saying I dealt with sale and repair, I would say I was heavily involved in shipping, receiving, invoicing, customer care, advertisement, and was heavily involved in community events through the store. The advertisements may have only been really hastily done pictures from MS Paint, but I did them so it gets included. The same thing with your university essay, make every small thing you have done up until this point count.

Scholarships and CVs

I mentioned it in the last paragraphs but I wanted to go a little further into how similar your CV and your college essay will be a lot of the time. Unless you are applying for a very specific scholarship and need to write a very specific essay for said scholarship then anything interesting on your CV should be fit somewhere into your essay. Read up on my CV Workshop pages for some advice if you need it. Also remember that this works both ways, and if you find yourself talking about an interesting skill you have or a good hard working story then you should try and find a way to bring those onto your CV as well.

Competing Offers

When you are looking at scholarships to apply for, try to think about it business perspective. If company A offers you a scholarship but you want the one from company B, include that company A has offered you a  scholarship in the essay you send to company B. You may even be able to accept both scholarships if there is no competition clause. You can use websites like Fastweb to help look at the different offers and who they actually come from. Some of details are extremely helpful, and with some careful calculations can give you a little bit of info about your actual chance of being awarded the bursary.

Scholarship Money

Look Everywhere

As I said in the very first paragraph, the scholarship I am sending my brother is for a website that helps you find cheap prices quickly. This was not exactly the first place I looked for scholarships, in fact I only saw it because I clicked the wrong link looking for some sunglasses. But there is a scholarship available from them and it is a decent chunk of change. That’s why you just have to look everywhere for when applying for a scholarship. Ask about it at school, talk to local businesses and sports teams, even ask at the clubs your parents/grandparents/uncles/aunties belong to. Many of these clubs will offer a couple scholarships a year, and if no one applies then the money is sometimes added to the subsequent year leaving a good stack of cash for the lucky person that collects it. 

Good Luck

I hope this has been a good little guide for what to do when it comes to applying for scholarships. I will be showing this to my little brother, and hopefully that will be a good enough kick in the pants to get him going. See you later folks.