Hobby's during a period of unemployment


I know, to be on the dole, it's boring ! During the last few months, I found severals occupations because let's be honest: even searching for ads, the answer, reminders and recruitment interviews don't keep busy you during 8 hours per day. And after the first few weeks, you can quickly begin to get bored...


Usually, you say to yourself: 'if only I had the time..."now, you have it!
Simply go running to not stay all the day at home and also keep the form or do some cardio at home when you wan't go out.

Take online courses

Languages courses, finance, economy,... almost all subjects are taught on the Internet for almost nothing. With courses, you will have a concrete daily goal and can see yourself your evolution. On the other hand, you can say without lying at your next job interview that you put to benefit your period of unemployment!

Odd jobs

There is also possibility to perform odd jobs but it remains very controlled.
You can engage in an activity incidental, independent or salaried, and keep your unemployment benfit if you filled 4 conditions:

-You must have already exercised this ancillary activity for at least 3 months during the period of occupation as employed preceding the application for benefits;
-You must declare this activity at the time of the application for allowances to your paying agency;
-You can't perform this activity between 7 and 18 hours from Monday to Friday;
-You can't exercise an ancillary activity which belongs to certain categories (profession exercising after 18 hours, some work in the sector of construction, catering, insurance, activities of hawkers industry and direct sellers).

If you met these 4 conditions, you can combine your unemployment benefits and revenues for your accessory activity but to a limited extent.
Last idea : It is maybe the occasion to think about a personnal project and maybe become your own boss !