Magazines that you didn’t realize you could buy

Hey everyone, I would like to welcome you all back to my news and media blog. Magazines have been a big part of media for a long time now. Nintendo Power was around for almost a hundred years before closing its doors for good only a couple short years ago. With everything shifting to being online now (you can do so many things to make money online even) it is harder and harder to find a physical copy of a magazine. Here are some of the magazines I have purchased over the past few years. As most of them have been discontinued, I had to buy them all used and did my shopping on


Jet Magazine

Not to be confused with anything about fighter jets, Jet Magazine is an African American centered magazine that started in the 1950’s. The magazine was initially billed as ‘The Weekly Negro News Magazine’, the magazine played a vital role in the Civil Rights movement, covering such stories as the Murder of Emmett Till and Martin Luther King Jr. as well as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The magazine printed its final issue in June of 2014 and since then has only been accessible on line since. If you want a copy of this iconic magazine you will have to get one of the used ones that are for sale on Even the online version may be discontinued soon, after Jet and its sister company were sold to Clear View Group out of Austin, Texas.

Jet Magazine Covers

Military Modelling

Somehow these guys have been around for decades, but are so unknown that there isn’t even a wikipedia page yet. Military Modeling Magazine is the number one and best hobby magazine featuring military personnel and hardware models. They have had guest articles from the likes of Alan Cross,Tom Clancy and James Patterson. My favourite aspect of this magazine however is highlight of great military models that have been set up by their owners. Some of the copies that I saw for sale on are even double features, full of full page photograph quality paper with people’s cool layouts all over them. One of the finer quality magazines I have seen in my time, and they have an insane amount of love for the readers which is what it should be about.

Military Modelling Magazine

Any more?

So those are the two magazines I can think of that you can still find on paper, if you get it used. I hope you all enjoyed this, and if you did then be sure to check that little star button in your browser so that you will know when our next one is posted. Have a great day everyone, I will be back soon.