Starting-up our own mobile catering business

Starting-up our own mobile catering business

Hello I’m back, Anthony here. I really do hope you’ve enjoyed my first few posts about Jobs & Employment. You may remember in my last blog, I mentioned how I had been working for the same Company 10-years and was in need of a new career path. I’d say I flirted with the idea of training to be a crime scene investigator, but you know I’d be lying. As glamorous as it looks, I don’t think it’s the career for me.

I’ve had months now of looking for different jobs and opportunities. You think you like the sound of a job, gear yourself towards it but then the job-offer closes-up. You go to an interview, seem to have done more than enough and you feel you’ve sounded pretty convincing, only to not be called back. It really is one of those processes everybody dreads but are faced with at least at some point throughout their working years.

What made your mind up?

Well it’s not been long since my last article but nevertheless, there has been a bit of a development. My partner has recently found herself at a loose-end as she’s been forced to take redundancy. She’s not all too upset as she’s been wanting to leave for some time now after years of hating her job and the nice lump sum of cash for her troubles has put a smile back on her face. She’ll be the first one to admit that the last few years, she’s been hell to live with so its smiles all-round for sure.

So getting towards the point, we’ve both found ourselves faced with the task of finding a new job and both desire a career change. We’ve been doing a lot of talking and have decided to put our money together to start-up our own business venture. Although we’ve got a good idea on the kind of thing we want to do, there’s still a few sticking points.

Why a portable catering business?

It started when we saw a catering van parked up on the side of the motorway after stopping off for a break and a quick coffee. It was basically a motor home which doubled-up as a catering truck. They had an awning which they setup at the back depending on how long they were planning on being parked-up and had a sleeping quarters just behind the driver and passenger seats where they could sleep. They travelled all around the area to the different hotspots with their next destination always dependant on the time of year and where the best place was to pitch at that time. They also had certain places they would go during the summer months that were further out but where they’d built up a good relationship with the local businesses so could easily keep stocked without spending additional money on their stock. They seemed to really enjoy the lifestyle and moving around kept things fresh. They also tugged along a trailer so they could bring a long a few home comforts wherever they went. We’ve both worked in catering so this would be perfect for us.




Somewhere to live and work on the move

We had toyed with the idea of doing a bit of travelling anyway so what we’ve decided to do is sell the house and use the money we’ve paid off on the mortgage added to the money that we’ll get for the Mrs’s car so we can buy a second-hand motorhome and turn it into a bit of a catering van like the couple did that we’d met. Along with the money we both had saved, we should be able to get something bigger and better so there’s more space for the living side of things. The house is already on the market and we’ve had some viewings so are hopeful to sell it for a good price. The car is already sold so that’s a few k towards the business and we’ve already been checking-out some motorhomes that we could use for the project. Been looking at old used motorhome for sale as the couple we’d met said that they bought an old motorhome and then converted it to a catering truck. Unfortunately, we couldn’t really see anything that fitted the bill and it just looks like too much effort to then customize the truck yourself. I suppose we’re scared as it’s not something we are clued-up about. I’m sure we could find someone who could help us with the customising.

How do you choose?

As we’ve got a few extra bucks than we thought we’d end up with for the project and the house looks like it will make more than we’d thought, we could try getting a new truck custom-made but from what I can see, it would cost a little but too much for our budget. I’ve been looking at the Mercedes Benz website as they’re a popular brand for all kinds of trucks. I’d also seen some good customised Mercedes Benz food trucks when scouring the internet. There’s a few options to consider so we need to be ready on a decision once the house is sold.