This Week’s News

This Week’s News 

Hi all and welcome back to our news, media and other publications blog. Today I thought I introduce a new section that I like to call ‘This Week’s News in Brief’.  So, If like me you sometimes struggle with keeping up to date with the news, worry not! because every week I will briefly look into some of the news this week that you might have missed and give you a brief rundown on the good, the bad and the ugly.  I’ve managed to get better at keeping up by buying a second hand tablet from this great online classified ads website and downloading all the apps from the major news websites like The BBC, Sky News, Huffington Post, CNN etc and get live updates on the goings on around the world.


India and the disappearing Rupees.


On the Tuesday 8th November, at around 8pm, Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India, announced that the current 500 rupee note (roughly $10 AUD)  and the 1000 rupee note (roughly $20 AUD)  would be taken out of circulation by 11.5pm that very same day.  He pleaded with Indians not to rush straight to the bank to deposit money, but instead wait as they would have until the end of the year to deposit cash into their accounts.  But on Wednesday banks were closed and many Indians found themselves without any cash left to use.  ATMs across the countries had queues which meant waiting for an hour, and that’s if you were lucky, no queue at all meant that the machine had run out of money.  The next day banks were open but the ATMs remained cashless so people had to go to the desks to deposit and withdraw any cash.  Many people waited for well over 4 hours as they had no money left in the house.   The removal of the notes was in part due to the large amount of money in circulation that was valued at around 16.42 lakh crore, around $320 billion AUD, of which around 14.18 lakh crore, around $280 billion AUD was 500 rupee notes and 1000 rupee notes.


The U.K. and the disappearing Toblerone.


And in somewhat amusing news this week Brits were disgusted to find out that Swiss chocolate brand Toblerone had changed their beloved triangular shape to cut down on weight on the bar so they wouldn’t have to increase the price in the U.K.  Many propose that it was down to Brexit that the chocolate bar had to go on a diet as the pound has fallen dramatically against well everything.  Maybe those Brits will have to start making their owncider at home.


President Elect Donald Trump


               Last week over half of the American voting public voted Donald Trump, the man most known before this election campaign for the simple slogan “You’re Fired!” is now on pace to be the next president of the United States and for the majority of people who are up on this topic that is a scary idea. Trump ran on a policy of racism, isolationism and general hatred but somehow managed to garner more votes than Hillary Clinton in her second presidential race. Hillary Clinton may have been a flawed candidate with a track record of ignorance and a general attitude of feeling she is more important than most people which seemed to rub Americans wrong, including the crowd who was supposed to lift her to victory; young adults. After the latest scandals involving Clinton it’s no wonder that Americans felt they had no one to vote for but come on. To not vote for anyone in America means that you are making it easier for the undesirable candidate to win. Trump managed to make away like a crook because of this, many Americans wanted Bernie Sanders to win the election but due to some issues with Iowa and Maine Bernie Sanders lost to Clinton in the primaries earlier this year. He was included as a write in for over a dozen states; however this most likely resulted in Trump winning a higher percentage of votes than anything positive. Looking forward, Americans as well as people around the world are waiting on edge for when Trump takes office, hoping the misogynistic, racist, homophobic and frankly idiotic person we saw during the presidential race that encompassed more than 15 months. After viewing the Trumps acceptance speech, I am willing to see what happens as the man that we heard on stage was in fact not the same man who insisted that all immigrants be deported, Muslims require public identification and that a wall must be built to protect America from Mexico; a country which has stayed any major military conflict since the Spanish War. With Trump now in control of the largest standing army in the world, most countries are now worried about their future political relationships with the United States and they rightfully should be. Even as a Canadian, the strength of my currency has decreased significantly since Trump was elected as it usually does during the American elections, but this time it is not recovering.




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