Working in Australia


During my period of unemployment, I inquired on the different solutions or alternatives that existed to find a job. I learned that more and more people find their eldorado for a short or long period in Australia. There is the possibility of finding a small job in a way very fast in this country, allows also a lot of people to go on holiday in Australia for a long period (for example 1 year) with a restricted budget through odd jobs done from time to time in order to earn a little money.

If my idea of mobile catering business doesn't have success, I start to think more and more to go from 1 year minimum in Australia to change horizon and see how it is going. I therefore already learned on different modalities and advices to go over there.

Why working in australia ? 

Because there is an international programme aims to enable young people to explore foreign countries, to deepen their level of language and to discover new cultures. It is calls "working holidays visa" but it's reserved for young people between 18 and 30 years old.

Several conditions :

-Have a valid passport (you will be asked of course its number during the application and once you enter the territory).

-Be outside of Australia when you make your request.

-Be from a partner country.

-Have health insurance covering the duration of your stay.

-Have a clean criminal record.

-You need to have sufficient savings to meet your needs.

To do before you go

It's easy to go but it still requires a minimum of organization.

If you live with your parents, it will be already easier because first you have to leave your accommodation.

If you have to rent your apartment or find a new one on your return, there are super websites easy to use like 

There are also many contracts to terminate like your internet subscription, subscription phone,...

How to find work in Australia ?

Three different ways:

-By going to hotels, motel, caravan parks and restaurants to remove our CV. In tourist location it works well, especially just before and at the beginning of the high season.

-Making tour of farms, to speak with the owner. It works very well to the period where they need lots of seasonal workers.

-By responding to the ads online: there are thousands of sites for it in Australia, the best is Gumtree, you can send CV and cover letter to a potential employer.

But it's important to know that have an Australian phone number is required to be contacted.

The CV must be in English of course, update and ideally, with references. Australians love contact a previous employer or even a person who simply knows you. For odd jobs that you will seek the experience in itself does not matter: If you have ever done or cleaned rooms diving you will learn well enough quickly. Australians are interested to Know if you are responsible, organized, or polished and they often asked you references.

Australians are generally very cool level clothing, so looking for a little job in T-shirt and shorts is not a problem.

In almost all the cities of Australia, there is a tourist office where to find a free map that indicates the places where you're likely to find the job: all accommodation, cafes, restaurants... Print a lot of of CV and go to each of them.


Small advice :

Too many travelers like to browse enjoy their stay in Australia and began looking for work once their account Bank dangerously close to zero. Don't make the

same mistake! Begin searching before you totally need. This way, if you find, so much the better, but if you don't immediately find, you still have time.

Working Holiday being an increasingly popular visa, competition among travellers to obtain odd jobs is sometimes very rude. The solution: avoid competition! Do not hesitate to get away large best-known centres in search of work in less well-known areas and therefore less attended.

Many people will also work in Australia because the salary is much higher than in UK: today, the minimum wage in Australia is set at $15 an hour. However, in practice, you will target on average to work for $16 or $19/h. Remember to inquire about your job pay the weekend or during the holidays: sometimes, your hourly rate is really higher. Finally, remember that working in the restoration can be another advantage, to the extent where depending on the case and the kindness of the boss, you'll leave perhaps with free food.


Tell me if you have more informations or if you have already go in Australia and you are agree to tell your adventure to complete my article, that would be great !


bye bye