Germany to Abandon Previous Convictions for Homosexuality

03/07/2017 Main

 Hello everyone, welcome. This is my new and media blog where I cover all the biggest stories on the news and social media. Today the story that I chose is about Germany, and how they are finally coming into the 21st century and abolishing their longstanding anti-homosexuality laws. Paragraph 175 was adopted in 1871, and strengthened massively during the Nazi regime. It was taken off the books in 1994 but any previously convicted ‘felons’ have been held in jail up to this point. Now the men are being released, with anyone who had been convicted receiving a paltry sum of three thousand Euros.  Read more

Magazines that you didn’t realize you could buy

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Hey everyone, I would like to welcome you all back to my news and media blog. Magazines have been a big part of media for a long time now. Nintendo Power was around for almost a hundred years before closing its doors for good only a couple short years ago. With everything shifting to being online now (you can do so many things to make money online even) it is harder and harder to find a physical copy of a magazine. Here are some of the magazines I have purchased over the past few years. As most of them have been discontinued, I had to buy them all used and did my shopping on Read more

South Korean President Arrested

31/03/2017 Main
South Korean President Arrested

Hello everyone and welcome to my news, media, and publications blog.  some troubling news coming out of South Korea currently with former president Park Geun-hye being arrested on Friday and taken to a Detention Center. The 65 year old political princess is said to be questioned further in the corruption scandal that has forced her out of office 3 weeks ago. So far prosecutors have identified 13 charges that can be laid against Park including bribery, coercion, abuse of power and leaking of government secrets. According to South Korean law, all of these charges are imprisonable and as Park has lost her immunity from prosecution she may face a long time in prison. Read more

The Best News Apps for iPhone and Android

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Hello my fellow news junkies. Welcome back on my blog. Without a doubt modern technology has changed the way how we consume and deal with news. We are now free to decide for ourself which news are relevant to us.
But nowadays are so many sites available delivering news. And keeping track of all of it can be really tedious. So that's why I decided to tell you about my favourite news apps for iPhone and Android so you will always know what is going on in this world. Read more


James Patterson Crime Series

05/12/2016 Main
James Patterson Crime Series 

The latest in the detective Alex Cross has received some excellent reviews, and quite rightly so. Long term fans of this 24 book series, have been left disappointed with a couple of recent publications, however Cross the Line, has seen the die hard fans smiling once again. Read more

Getting Scholarships

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Getting Scholarships

Good evening everyone, welcome back to another bost in my News and Media blog. I was looking at a website for buying cheap electronics/clothes and whatnot and saw that they are offering a scholarship! This was exciting to me as my brother is graduating this year and he will need all the help he can get to make it into a post secondary institution. This is a fairly easy one to apply for, all you must do it write a short essay about himself. Some scholarships can be very exclusive but this one seems really good for anyone looking for that little bit of a boost in their university schooling. Even if I convince him to apply for this and he gets it, I will still try and get him to apply for more. Read more


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Hello everybody! Welcome back to my news, media and publications blog. How are we all this fine day? So Donald Trump is the new leader of the Free World! How do you feel about that? Good or bad? Why not drop me a line and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to know what the politics of my readership is. Or maybe I should run a poll instead. There must be a widget or extension I can add to the blog to allow me to do that. Let me look into it. So anyway, today’s post is going to be about one of the most popular social media services on the world wide web: Pinterest! Pinterest is the 5th most popular social media website behind Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin. It is, however, still hugely popular. It is essentially a photo and “idea” sharing service arranged like a pinboard that allows its users to “pin” images from around the internet and arrange them on “boards” with similarly themed images, allowing for other users to easily find images, ideas and links to info on any given topic that they may be interested in. It is a great little idea. It has proven to be most popular amongst young females and extremely profitable for online marketers looking to promote physical products. It is definitely worth a look if that is your thing. Just sign up for a free account and check it out. I am sure you will love it. Read more

This Week’s News

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This Week’s News 

Hi all and welcome back to our news, media and other publications blog. Today I thought I introduce a new section that I like to call ‘This Week’s News in Brief’.  So, If like me you sometimes struggle with keeping up to date with the news, worry not! because every week I will briefly look into some of the news this week that you might have missed and give you a brief rundown on the good, the bad and the ugly.  I’ve managed to get better at keeping up by buying a second hand tablet from this great online classified ads website and downloading all the apps from the major news websites like The BBC, Sky News, Huffington Post, CNN etc and get live updates on the goings on around the world. Read more

Making Money Online

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The News

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The News Read more

CV Workshop Part 3

05/05/2016 Main

Hi there, it’s Anthony again with more CV writing tips. I’ve been rejigging my own CV a lot recently for different types of jobs so I’m becoming a bit of an expert, via a lot of internet based research, about writing a CV.  My tips for today are as follows: Read more

Simple Cider

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Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog again. I hope you are still finding it informative and interesting. Your feedback and ideas are really great so please keep them coming! Read more

CV Workshop Part 2

07/04/2016 Main

Hi guys and gals, it’s Anthony again, as promised, with more great tips on building your CV.  Last time we talked about cutting out superlatives and over inflammatory language, as well as up talking your skills learnt throughout life if you don’t have much work experience and how you used those skills exactly. Here are my tips for today: Read more

Landscape gardening business

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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. How are you all? Thanks for your continuing interest and feedback. I have learnt a lot from your responses and I hope that you have learnt a lot from me too! I am striving to create a blog that is informative, interesting and a place that people feel comfortable expressing their concerns and ideas so please let me know if you feel there are any things I may have missed or that you want me to cover. Read more

CV Workshop Part 1

14/03/2016 Main

Writing a CV can be a mind boggling thing. It’s hard to know what to include, such as skills learnt from being a home maker and what not to include, such as large periods of unemployment.  Writing a CV is also a nerve wracking venture because we all know that employers are looking for something that stands out. Over the past few months I have gained a lot of insight into how to build a decent CV and I’d like to share some of these ideas with my readers: Read more


Working in Australia

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Cash Register Options

27/01/2016 Main

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post so far guys and are keen to keep updated with my blog. I’ll be trying to keep the content flowing as frequently as a I can over the coming months now that Christmas is out the way and things have settled down a bit. So you may remember from one of my earlier posts that me and my wife were looking into starting a mobile catering business but we were deciding whether to go for it and if so, what kind of van we’d buy. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that we are going ahead with it, the house is all sold and we have a nice big van that’s perfect for what we need. It has a sleeping quarters at the front of the van which is ample big enough for us. We’ve also bought a big awning that we’ll use in-between work time when we’ve got a few days to pitch-up somewhere and relax. Otherwise, living in those confines all the time might get a little too much. Luckily we have a lot of family and friends who we can stay with here and there depending on which neighbourhood we’re in. Read more

British Pound Decline – Any Light at the end of the Tunnel?

20/01/2016 Main

I have family over in the US who I like to visit every couple of years if I can. Both of my brothers are over there and they both have families now so I don’t like to leave too long between visits. As this means that I’ll be exchanging my pounds to dollars whenever I visit, there’s always one eye on the currency market, checking on how the current rates are faring. Unfortunately, they’re not doing so great at the moment and there seems to have been a steady decline since this time last year. It was up at around $1.67 to £1.00 last time we went to the States and now it’s down at a miserable $1.40 to £1.00. Read more

Starting-up our own mobile catering business

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Starting-up our own mobile catering business Read more

Job seeking, looking for a New Challenge

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Job seeking, looking for a New Challenge Read more

Unemployment across the UK

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Unemployment across the UK Read more


Jobs and Employment

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Jobs and Employment  Read more